• We are backed by a publicly listed company trading on the OTC Markets, ILUS International Inc (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc)
  • Innovative – Replay Solutions is a forward-thinking company that aims to develop and implement the latest innovations by using the most economical and sustainable processes for recycling and recovery of precious metals from electronic waste
  • Economical – In a world that has an ever-increasing demand for precious metals, Replay Solutions is helping to meet this demand
  • Investment – Gold has always delivered substantial returns making it a safe investment for investors
  • Critical – Copper is a critical component of many industries but especially the growing industries of Electric Vehicles and Renewable Electricity Supply
  • Sustainability – While traditional mining methods have improved, their impact on the environment cannot be ignored. Through urban mining processes Replay Solutions is committed to providing a cleaner, safer and more sustainable process to extract the precious metals from electronic waste
  • Our HQ is based in Dubai, where we do research and development as well as a pilot-scheme franchise operation.
  • We are also operating out of a 300,000 sq. ft facility in Serbia – which offers receiving, dismantling, processing and refining of all types of E-Waste by using latest technologies
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There are estimates of between 25 - 50 billion internet-connected devices on the planet right now. This is expected to double in just 40 years



Traditional landfill is not an option anymore, the damage and impact to the environment are high and not sustainable